Welcome back to my weekly blog!

Today I’m writing about flowers, love ’em in my garden and my house. For a rose to be planted in my garden, it must be beautiful, of course, and fragrant.

Mr. Lincoln is a deep dark red rose and has a wonderful perfume, not overly sweet. Wish I could send it in this post. He is enjoying a last summer growth spurt much to my delight.

I have two other roses keeping Mr. Lincoln company, a New Zealand, pink in color and less sweet and an Arizona Sunset which is pink, yellow and orange with a spicy delight of its own.

This year has been a challenging one for growing flowers and veggies. Gardening in the Mile High City of Denver keeps a gardner on their toes. You never know what the weather will be like during our short growing season.

In a future post I’ll write about other flowers in my garden.

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Tomorrow I’m off to the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference for the weekend to attend workshops on the craft of writing, reconnect with old friend and make new ones.

Happy reading…

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