What is your comfort zone?

Today in Colorado the tempature is a comfortable 53 degrees F. Our normal for this time of year is in the mid 60s. Two days ago the temp was 83!

When I looked in my closet this morning, my summer clothes said “should we stay or should we go”? Good question. For now they will stay as our nine day forecast includes temps in the high 70s. Yay!  Snow will be here soon enough and although we need the moisture I can wait. I think I’m becoming a fair weather person, not to hot, not to cold. You know, like Goldie Locks, just right.

I have a refridgator magnet with this quote:

Life begins at the end


your comfort zone.

Neale Donald Walsch-

What is your comfort zone when you read a romance novel? They range from “sweet – clean” to “hot and sexy”. I write sweet historical romance with a sprinkle of spice, but I read most levels of heat.

So what makes a romance a romance? A romance novel requires two basic componets: a central love story and a Happy Ever After (HEA) for the two main characters. It goes a bit further than that as a romance novel focuses on the romantic relationship between the two main characters. In my opinion, mysteries, sci-fi, thrillers, westerns and other subgenres all have some romantic elements in them. It’s just in our nature. There has to be tension and conflict to make a story great. (Don’t you just love the making up part?)

Romance novels inspire an emotional response in their readers, although this can vary. You can experience laughter, fear, and sadness and the power of love.

I’d love to hear from you and what your’re reading now.

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I’ll be attending (volunteering) at the Castle Rock Writers annual  Conference this weekend in Castle Rock., Colorado. All you writers, all levels from “I have an idea, what do I do now”, to “pre-published and published author workshops lead by some of Colorado’s best educators, come check us out.  We may just be the “tribe” you’re looking for. It’s not too late to join us for an exciting Saturday.

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I hope you find some love today.

Happy reading!


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